Ways to celebrate with your Grandparents this Sunday!

Posted by Johan Lindvall on

On September 7th, families around the world have an opportunity to celebrate some of the most important members of the family with National Grandparents Day. It is an opportunity to remind those grandparents in our lives how much we love and care about them. It’s also a great chance to look back and reflect on the memories we have thanks to this relationship and appreciate what our grandparents have done to help make each day a little more loving for us.

With that in mind, here are a few ways that you can use your nixplay frame to help make your National Grandparents Day that much more special:

  • Create a slideshow of your favorite memories together: Everyone knows that grandparents take every opportunity that they can get to show off their Grandkids, so why not provide them with a collection of your favorite experiences together? When your grandparents have company over, they will already have a collection of your best times together to share with everyone and bring smiles to faces around the room.
  • Surprise them with a trip through their childhood: Imagine your grandparents surprise when they enter a room and their nixplay frame turns on to show them pictures from their childhood. Not only will it give them a trip down memory lane, but it will be a chance for them to tell you about what it was like growing up for them.
  • Share photos from your most recent vacation: Take your grandparents through your most recent vacation to the beach or to the mountains! You can spend a day walking them through your favorite places so when they see or hear about it later, they’ll think of you.
  • Walk them down the aisle one more time: Whether it is your own wedding that they attended or a chance to highlight their wedding day, you can rekindle the love your family shared through those photos.

What are some other ways that you can share the love on National Grandparents Day? Let us know what you think in the comments! And be sure to take part in the conversation on Twitter using #GrandparentsDay!