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Nixplay Digital Signage Solutions
In a world full of noise, stand out with our

digital signage solutions

WiFi Signage WiFi Signage
WiFi Signage Keep customers informed with tailored content, updated whenever, wherever
Non-WiFi Signage Non-WiFi Signage
Non-WiFi Signage Accessible Signage that reaches your customers, wherever they are
Cost-effective Marketing Cost-effective Marketing Easily update and display your content without the hassle of recurring promotional costs.
Increase Profits Increase Profits Maximum impact for your promotions with eyecatching, timely messages.
Powerful Communication Powerful Communication Targeted, tailored communication to your customers and employees.

Our Digital Signage Solutions

WiFi Cloud Frames Solution

WiFi Cloud Frames

Update and display content real time to multiple frames from anywhere in the world.

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WiFi Cloud SD USB Motion Sensor
NIX Digital Frames Solution

NIX Digital Frames

No WiFi? Advertise your business with a simple Plug and Play solution anywhere you want.

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SD USB Motion Sensor

Some of the incredible people we work with

Our customers

What our customers are saying

Love it!

“Received the frame today. Synced with WIFI - no problem. Easily activated and established my frame's email address to receive photos. Uploaded 300 photos from Picasa to the Nixplay cloud account and Voila! my frame was populated. We are using this in the reception area of our dental office to show off our "No Cavity Club" kids. They love seeing their photos. I can edit the photos to be added and then email them to the frame. Our previous frame had a data storage card that had to be updated which was a pain and time-consuming. This is going to be so easy!!”

BJ Rogers

A stylish, useful addition

“The 13” Edge has been a great addition to our lobby at the Michelangelo Hotel New York. Using the web app, we can easily update our guest and conference information every day, in a matter of minutes. It’s stylish so it works well with our carefully considered decor. The Nixplay team have been on hand to answer our questions too!”

Stuart Schwartz, MD,
Michelangelo Hotel New York

The Perfect Frame for our Business!

“I work at a museum and we purchased this frame to be used within one of our exhibits. It works flawlessly for the needs we require. We have it set up to start playing a video and with the motion sensor technology, it starts up automatically when someone gets within range of the sensor. This is perfect for what we use it for and will purchase more of these frames as needed for future exhibits. It is the cheapest option we've found for playing videos "on demand" without having to spend nearly three times as much for additional equipment”

Matthew Corones

Simple to setup and operate Simple to setup and operate Have digital signage up within minutes with no additional costs or training required.
Content Management System Content Management System Curate playlists from the cloud, social media and content platforms to deliver targeted messages to your customers.
Share to multiple frames Share to multiple frames Send playlists to frames and update them easily through an intuitive web app.
Hu-Motion Sensor Hu-Motion Sensor A motion sensor that turns the frame on when a customer walks by and off when no-one is there.

Nixplay Edge

Available in 8 & 13 inch

Nixplay Edge
  • Slim, lightweight body, both models are wall mountable
  • 13” Full HD, plays video in 1080p
  • 8” HD, plays video in 720p

Nixplay Original

Available in 8, 12, 15 & 18 inch

Nixplay Original
  • A range of sizes including an eye-catching 18” display
  • All Nixplay Original frames play video in 720p
  • 12, 15 and 18” frames are wall mountable
Plug and play Plug and play Insert a USB stick or SD/SDHC card and instantly display your content.
Hu-Motion Sensor Hu-Motion Sensor A motion sensor that turns the frame on when a customer walks by and off when no-one is there.
Media playback Media playback Play more than just photos, display and loop video content with sound.

NIX Digital Frame

Available in 8, 10, 12, 15 & 18 inch

NIX Digital Frame
  • Affordable digital signage solution that is easy to control
  • Perfect for businesses that do not have easy access to WiFi
  • 12, 15 and 18” are wall mountable
  • Play content from USB or SD


1. What’s the difference between Nixplay and NIX?

Nixplay WiFi Frames allow you to control content from our easy to use web app, so you can update your content immediately from any location. Bring together content from your desktop, social media and dropbox into one single view, from which you can create playlists with up to 10 frames on one account. Nixplay Frames require a WiFi connection to update content.

NIX Frames play content from a USB or SD memory device and do not require an internet connection. NIX Frames will support photos and videos.

2. Are the frames wall mountable?

Most NIX and Nixplay Frames are wall mountable. The following frames are wall mountable and are equipped for 75mm x 75mm VESA mounts (mounts not included):

Nixplay Original WiFi Cloud Frames: 12”, 15” and 18”.

Nixplay Edge WiFi Cloud Frames: both sizes are wall mountable, 8” (2 VESA holes) and 13”.

NIX Digital Frames: 12”, 15” and 18”.

3. What is the minimum order quantity for a bulk discount?

We offer bulk pricing for orders of 10 or more units. Please contact us for the most up to date pricing information.

4. How quickly can you get the frames to me?

Delivery usually takes between 5-7 days in US, UK and Canada. Please contact us for delivery to other countries.

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