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Perfect for family sharing and gifting

Get the Nixplay Plus
Membership Plan

  • ✓ Unlimited 25% sitewide discount on Frames
  • ✓ Up to 80% discount off on Fujifilm Printed Gifts
  • ✓ Lifetime factory warranty
  • ✓ And more...
Quarterly plan
plus one month free
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What Nixplay Plus gets you...

  • Lifetime factory warranty
  • 50GB cloud storage
  • 60-seconds video clips
  • Up to 80% discount on Fujifilm Printed Gifts
  • Unlimited 25% sitewide discount on Frames
  • Member-Exclusive Frames (take a look)
  • 3-month Nixplay Plus gift voucher
  • Nixplay Plus Care Team on call
  • Full video & photo editing suite
  • niX Family Circles
  • Up to 10 connected Frames
Quarterly plan
plus one month free
Sold Out

What you have today...

  • 1-year factory warranty
  • 10GB cloud storage
  • 15-seconds video clips
  • Fujifilm Printed gifts

All the Benefits Explained

Lifetime warranty

That's right. Not 1 year. Not 2 years. Not 10 years. Lifetime.

We do everything in our power to ensure that your frame arrives in your hands in perfect working order (and that is stays that way).

If not, we're on hand to make it so. As quickly as we can.

50GB Storage

That's family-sized storage for the sharing of your most precious moments and memories.

Your Nixplay frame comes with 10GB of free cloud storage space. Nixplay Plus Members get 50GB. That means more storage for photos and videos.

Additional, bigger storage options are avaible.

Longer video

Sometimes, 15 second video clips aren't enough.

Don't leave Grandma hanging. Send longer, 60-second video clips and messages when you upgrade to Nixplay Plus Membership.

Up to 80% off Fujifilm printed gifts

So just how much can I save on print?

Nixplay Plus Membership isn't for everyone. If you spend less than $50 printing in a year, then you're likely better off finding a deal somewhere else.

If you print frequently and spend more than $50 a year, then a Nixplay Plus Membership delivers real saving for you.

Trusted Partner

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Print Shop Basket Value Nixplay Plus Member Saving Members Pay**
$50 $40 $10
$100 $80 $20
$250 $200 $50
*Savings may vary depending on the mixture of products purchased

25% site-wide discount* on
Nixplay.com frames

As Nixplay Plus Member, you get an unlimited 25% discount on every Frame purchased from Nixplay.com. Perfect for gift shopping.

* Offer only applies to reasonable personal use. If Nixplay suspects frames are being purchased in large volumes for commercial use or any quantity for the use of commercial resale, Nixplay reserves the right to restrict sales.

All the Benefits Explained

Care Team On Call

7 days a week, you'll have direct access to a helpline, managed by humans.

Need help, direction or just support on what to do next with your frame or membership, we've got you.

Up to 10
connected frames

Control the family's frames from a single account.

Nixplay Plus Membership supports the addition of up to 10 frames to your Nixplay account.

Photo, Video Editing Suite

Enjoy a full, in-app video and photo editing suite that gives you everything you need to edit, add special effects and transform your moments and memories before sharing/

Nixplay Plus Membership supports the addition of up to 10 frames to your Nixplay account.

niX Family Circles

Invite family and friends to contribute their photos and videos to a shared playlist (which you control) to be displayed on any Nixplay Frame.

niX-FamilyCircles is designed for your family and close friends to celebrate and enjoy memories from shared occasions: holiday's, weddings, graduations or birthdays, for example.

Share up to 50 playlists with friends and family.