Nixplay 9.7-inch 2K Smart Photo Frame

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4.8 (75 reviews)

Nixplay 9.7-inch 2K Smart Photo Frame ({{activeVariant.color}})

A 2K frame that makes the ultimate gift.

Nixplay Plus Membership gets you...

  • Lifetime factory warranty
  • Unlimited 25% sitewide discount on Frames
  • Up to 80% discount off on Fujifilm Printed Gifts
  • Limited edition frames
  • Nixplay Care Team on call
  • Much, much more...

+ Quarterly Membership. Cancel any time.

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Nixplay Plus Membership

  • Nixplay 10.1-inch Smart Photo Frame
  • Lifetime factory warranty
  • 50GB cloud storage
  • 60-seconds video clips
  • Up to 80% discount on Fujifilm Printed Gifts
  • 25% unlimited discount on frames
  • Member-Exclusive Frames
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  • Private, grouped playlists
  • Up to 10 connected Frames

+ Quarterly Membership. Cancel any time.

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  • Nixplay 10.1-inch Smart Photo Frame
  • 1-year factory warranty
  • 10GB cloud storage
  • 15-seconds video clips
  • Printed gift service
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Double the pixel density

Every photo looks incredible on the 2K Retina display. Your photos and videos will blow out of the screen.

2K Ultra Icon 
Wifi Icon
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Questions and answers

That's up to you. You can opt for a recurring every 3 months (costing $4.99 per month) for a recurring annual payment of $49.99
Call, email or live chat with us (all contact details here). A dedicated Nixplay Plus Care Team are on hand to help you out.
Simply log in to (from the icon in the top right corner). As a Nixplay Plus Member, your price will be automatically corrected.
Yes. There are 2 ways to get photos/videos on your frame: (1) Any person can email photos to your frame, with no account necessary. (2) Share photos or video clips directly from your phone to the frame. For this, you will need to use the Nixplay mobile app, which requires account creation on the sender's part.
Ultimately, yes. But there are some factors to consider (1) The orientation of the photo or picture/video you took (2) How you physically orient the frame. If you position your frame in portrait or in landscape, the content will adjust to suit your placement. (3) There are several transition settings that you can adjust using your remote or mobile app, to give you the best viewing options, taking (1) and (2) into account. Make sense?
No. Nixplay frames display content via the cloud over wi-fi. We do make NIX photo frames, which take USB and SD cards. See
The frame needs to be connected to power to operate. It does not use batteries.

Nixplay Frames are smart frames, so your content must be stored in the cloud for your frame to display content (i.e. there is no USB or SD-card slot from which you can load content onto your frame. The only way is via the cloud).

The frames do have internal storage that (1) hold the on-frame software and (2) store recent photos/video clips that in the instance when a wi-fi connection is temporarily lost, the frame will still display recent images.

In that sense, I'd suggest that the size of the internal storage is less of an issue than the size of the cloud storage (for Nixplay, included cloud storage is 10GB).

No. A Nixplay Plus Membership is an optional add-on. With Nixplay Plus, you get 5-year extended warranty, 80% off print products and more. Learn more.
Yes. Nixplay Smart Photo Frames play 15-second video clips. 60-second video clip playback is possible with a Nixplay Plus membership.
Use the Nixplay mobile app to make a one-time authorization between your Google Photos and Nixplay accounts. In the Nixplay app, tap ‘New Playlist’ and ‘Sync with Google Photos’. After signing into your Google Photos account, you’ll be able to select any of your Google Photo albums to display on your frame. As long as your frame is connected to wi-fi, your selected (and most recent) Google Photo albums will always appear.
When you activate your frame and create a Nixplay Cloud account, you are prompted to create an email address. This will be the email address to use if friends, family or you wish to email photos directly to your frame.
30-day money back guarantee
30-day money back guarantee

Purchase with peace of mind

Deliver to multiple addresses
Deliver to multiple addresses

Buying for others? Send directly to your address book

One year warranty
One year warranty

We’re just a phone call or email away


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