Subscription Plans

Your Nixplay WiFi Cloud Frame comes with a free Standard Account that gives you unlimited access to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Photos, Dropbox and emailed photos forever.

For our true photo enthusiasts we’ve created Nixplay Plus, a value-added subscription plan that allows you to enjoy even more benefits:

Nixplay Standard

Nixplay Plus

Where everything is free
For our true photo enthusiasts
$1.99 / month
$19.90 / year
5 Frames per account
10 Frames per account
10 GB storage
30 GB storage
Unlimited Playlists
Unlimited Playlists

Or if it's just additional storage you're after, you can choose to add any of the options below to your Nixplay Plus Plan.


100 GB storage

$4.99 / month

200 GB storage

$9.99 / month

500 GB storage

$22.99 / month

1 TB storage

$39.99 / month