Give the gift of Nixplay

Are you looking for the perfect gift to surprise your loved ones?
Ship a frame directly to your recipient and preload it with photos and a gift message using the Nixplay app.
The frame comes in a premium gift box, ready to gift with no price tag. 

Pre-loading the frame is a breeze

Can’t be there to open the gift together? Did you know you can ship the gift directly to the recipient and preload the frame using the app?

How it works

Our innovative gifting process is easy and all contained on the Nixplay app (iOS or Android). You don’t even need to open the box!


Download the app and create an account

Once you’ve created an account, follow the guided setup by selecting “Frames” at the bottom of the app, tapping “+,” and adding “A frame as a gift.” Then, follow the on-screen instructions.


Add a personalized message including a photo or video

When your recipient sets up the frame and creates their account using the email address you’ve provided, the frame will automatically display your personalized gift message before displaying other content.


Select photos and videos to upload

Select photos and videos from media on your phone, Apple Photos, or Google Photos.


Invite contributors

Invite family and friends to add photos and videos ahead of time by inviting them as contributors. Each contributor can also add a personalized welcome note that appears on the frame during setup.


Keep it a secret

In the final step, you will receive a gift code for the recipient to enter when they open their frame; you will also be asked if you wish to set a notification for a date of your choosing.

Check out these frames

Get the one that matches your loved ones vibe.

  • 10.1" HD Matted Touch Screen Wi-Fi Digital Frame
    W10P Smart frame
    10.1" HD Matted Touch Screen Wi-Fi Digital Frame
  • 10.1" HD Touch Screen Wi-Fi Digital Frame
    W10K Touch frame
    10.1" HD Touch Screen Wi-Fi Digital Frame
  • 8" Lola HD Smart Wi-Fi Digital Frame
    W08F Lola
    8" Lola HD Smart Wi-Fi Digital Frame
  • 10.1" HD Touch Screen Wi-Fi Digital Frame
    W10K Touch frame
    10.1" HD Touch Screen Wi-Fi Digital Frame


How do I set up gift content on my purchased frame?

You can set up gift content for a frame either before or after purchasing. Please note that the setup for gift content can only be done through our mobile app, as it is currently unavailable on the website. ​​

It's important to be aware that when setting up the frame as a gift, our system will automatically generate an account linked to the provided email address. ​​

Recipient's Details: ​​

Once you're logged in to the mobile app, navigate to the "Frames" tab in the bottom menu.
Tap on the + button and then choose 'A frame as a gift.'
Enter the recipient's name or how they should be addressed (e.g., Grandma). Please note that the recipient's name can only contain letters, numbers, and the characters '-' and '_'. Other special characters are not allowed.
Enter the recipient's email address, which will be used for them to redeem the gift contents you've prepared. Rest assured, no emails will be sent to the recipient to avoid spoiling the surprise. ​

​Note: You can change the email as long as the recipient hasn’t redeemed the gift content. Once redeemed, you won't be able to change the email. ​​

Set the recipient frame’s timezone. You can modify this later on the frame or the app.
Select who you're setting the gift up for, or specify 'Other' if needed.
Choose the occasion for the gift, or specify 'Other' if necessary.
Optionally, add a greeting message. This will be the first thing the recipient sees upon setting up the frame. ​

Add a Greeting Message:

​ In the greeting message, include a special message for the recipient and attach a photo or video using the button below.
For first-time users, tapping the “Add a photo or video” button will prompt a permission popup. Select the “Allow all access” option to grant permission to view and upload photos and videos to Nixplay.
After selecting a photo or video, tap “Save and preview,” then tap “Next” on the preview screen to proceed. ​

Add Photos and Videos:

​ Next, add a set of photos or videos to be displayed on the frame for the recipient.
After selecting your media, tap the “Add” button.
Optionally caption or edit your media or proceed to upload by tapping the arrow. ​

​Invite Others to Contribute: ​​

Optionally, invite family and friends to add additional greeting messages, photos, and videos. Use the “Skip” button if not interested.
Invite others by entering their email addresses and tapping “Invite.” They'll receive an email invitation to join the gift setup (up to 10 people). ​

Note: Contributors without a Nixplay account must set up an account to accept the invite and share photos. ​​

Once invitations are completed, tap “Next” at the bottom of the screen to proceed.
Congratulations! You've completed setting up content for your gift. Tap “Finish” to proceed.
You'll receive an email and a gift code to share with the recipient for redeeming the gift content. Set an email reminder by tapping the reminder button if needed.
If you wish to share immediately, tap “Share Now.”
Smart 8
Smart 10 series
Smart 13
Smart 15
Touch 08 series
Touch 10 series
Touch 10 Classic
Touch 15 Classic
Ultra series
1. Use the email that was given to you as part of the gift code on the username/email field, and use the gift code on the password field. Keep in mind that the gift code is case sensitive and has a format of always 3 letters followed by 5 numbers.

2. We strongly suggest you to immediately update your password if you are still using the gift code as your login password as it is going to be more secure for you.
The gift code can only be successfully redeemed once.
You will need an internet connection to redeem your gift content.

1. Select a language you wish to use.

2. Select the Wi-Fi and enter the password.

3. Once you have connected to your Wi-Fi, you will see a Get Started screen. Select the “I have received a gift code“ option.
If you don’t have a gift code, you can still proceed to set up the frame by selecting the “I don’t have a gift code“ option. You can refer to the How To Pair Your Nixplay Frame article for more information.
You can still redeem the gift content even after setting up the frame.

4. Enter the gift code. The gift code format is always 3 letters followed by 5 numbers.

5. Enter the email that was given to you as part of the gift code.

6. Once you successfully enter the information correctly, you will see a congratulations screen.
You will need to wait while the gift content is being downloaded. The wait may vary depending on your internet connection and the gift content size.

7. You will be able to see the greeting message that your gifter has written for you!
Once you dismiss your greeting messages, you’ll see all the photos and videos your gifter has added for you.

You can re-access the greeting message by accessing the Gallery. And then navigating to the “Gift Message“
Content that has been set up as a gift can be redeemed only once. You can redeem it either through the frame or the mobile app. ​

On the Frame: ​​

If your frame is already paired and you wish to redeem gift content set up by a gifter, navigate to the “Settings” page via the menu.​
Within the settings, you'll find a “Gift Code” option. This option is visible only if your frame supports redeeming content via a gift code and if the frame hasn't been redeemed before.​
Input the gift code; the format is always 3 letters followed by 5 numbers.​
Provide the email that was given to you as part of the gift code. ​​

On the Mobile App: ​​

If your frame is already paired and you wish to redeem gift content set up by a gifter, go the the “Frames” tab​
Select the frame that was gifted to you and tap on the gear icon​
Under the “Gift Code” section, tap the “Enter Gift Code” button​
Input the gift code; the format is always 3 letters followed by 5 numbers.​
Provide the email that was given to you as part of the gift code.
To edit or delete a gift setup, first, navigate to the Frames tab located at the bottom of your mobile app menu. Then, tap on the “Edit” button next to "Gift is Ready!"

After the gift content has been redeemed by the recipient using the gift code, you will no longer have the option to delete the setup or edit certain information such as the recipient's name, email, or greeting message. However, you will still be able to continue adding photos and videos to the gift album. ​

To delete a gift setup, tap on the "Edit" button and then tap the three dots located in the top right corner. Finally, confirm the deletion of the gift setup. ​