Why Behind The Partnership

Photos capture the most important parts of your journey through life. They preserve your stories and keep them alive for generations to come.

As the USA’s best selling digital photo frame brand, we take seriously our mission to help you stay close to your loved ones by sharing and displaying your most precious photos and videos with them. That’s why we have partnered with The Photo Managers , a growing community of dynamic, engaged professionals who care deeply about making life’s best memories last forever.

Together, we create more opportunities to preserve, organize, and share the moments that make life worth living for.

About The Photo Managers

Founded in 2009, The Photo Managers is the world’s leading educational community in the rapidly growing field of photo management. They help organize and curate collections, digitize prints, suggest backup systems, re-house in archival storage, and help you tell your story through photo book design, videos, websites, and countless other ways. They also train Photo Management Professionals around the world, helping thousands of people manage their photos and family heirlooms.

APPO Image 1
The Photo Managers (formerly the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, or APPO) is ever-growing community set to to relive and preserve life's best memories.
APPO Image 2
Nixplay's Ryan Ducie shares a smile with APPO Members at the 2019 APPO Conference in New Mexico.
APPO Image 4
Professional photo manager Jodi Bondy says she and her family considers Nixplay as one of the best investments they could have.
APPO Image 3
Memorable moments taken and treasured by Photo Manager members during the 2019 APPO Conference.
APPO Image 5
Nixplay's Head of Marketing, Ryan Ducie, with Association of Personal Photo Organizers Masterclass Graduates from the 2019 APPO Conference.
Photo Managers Founder

"Our global community of photo managers is committed to helping families manage their photo collections to tell their stories. This is in perfect alignment with the mission of Nixplay. For over three years, Nixplay has supported the photo managers by offering superior customer service, the best product in the industry, and, most importantly, sincere human kindness."

- Cathi Nelson
Founder of The Photo Managers

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