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What membership payment options are available?
{{openQuestion}} We currently have 2 options:
- Annual payment at US$ 49.99 (equal to $4.17 per month) and,
- Quaterly payment at US$ 14.97 (equal to $4.99 per month)

Note: Recurring payments are billed upon completing each subscription term.
Can I transfer the membership to someone else?
{{openQuestion}} Due to security reasons, we currently do not have this option available.
How can I cancel my membership?
{{openQuestion}} Simply follow the steps on this link No need to write lengthy emails, we’ve taken care of all that.
How do I get my 25% discount?
{{openQuestion}} Simply login (or use the icon at top right corner). As a Nixplay Plus Member, your price will automatically reflect your special discount.
I still have questions. How can I contact Nixplay?
{{openQuestion}} Email or live chat with us here. For Nixplay Plus Members, simply login to connect with your dedicated Care Team.
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